Quit Smoking – This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (How To Grow It At Home)

Smoking is very bad for our health and is the reason behind many serious diseases such as lung cancer. However, some people just can’t quit the awful habit.

The main factor why you can’t quit smoking is the nicotine – it is a highly addictive compound which makes the body crave cigarettes. The more you smoke, the more nicotine your body wants. When you avoid giving it what it needs, you will experience cigarette cravings and feel discomfort – a state known as nicotine withdrawal. The process takes quite a while, and the cravings will go on for several weeks. Luckily, there is a solution – all you need to quit smoking is start consuming stevia.

The power of stevia

According to a recent German study, stevia can curb your alcohol and cigarette cravings. Stevia is a plant which belongs to the chrysanthemum family native to Paraguay and it is usually used as a natural sweetener. The plant works by blocking the signals the brain sends when you’re craving a cigarette.

In order to curb the cravings, drop a few drops of stevia on your tongue whenever you feel the need for a cigarette. Stevia is also great for people who want to lose weight and can regulate your blood pressure as well. It is safe for diabetics and great against acne and dermatitis.

Grow stevia at home

Stevia is a perennial plant which likes sunny spots and won’t survive when it’s freezing outside. The root has been known to survive in zones 8 and 9 when protected well. Put the plant in 12-inch containers and make sure you use good quality soil. Keep it under plenty of sunlight and water it whenever the soil is dry.

Soil, planting and growing

You should let your stevia have about 18 inches of free space. Use well-drained soil in the pot, and wait for the frost to pass before planting. Use Bonnie Herb or vegetable plant food as compost. With proper care, the plant may grow up to 1-3 feet in height. Mulch will prevent it from drying out, just make sure to feed it properly.


Stevia doesn’t like saggy soil – you must make sure it has good drainage or the root will rot. If your plant is wilting even with enough water, the roots are probably rotten or it is attacked by insects.

Harvest and storage

Stevia blooms in fall when you need to cut the flowers back. This will allow it to grow new leaves. The plant has white flowers in the fall, when its leaves are not of good quality. Clip off the flowers regularly and let the plant release more leaves. The leaves are sweetest in autumn and taste much better before the plant blooms.

Dry the plant’s leaves for a day outside in the sun to prepare them for use. You can use food dehydrators for the same purpose. Before using them, crush or powder the dry leaves first. Use the stevia powder to sweeten your meals and drinks.