Most Popular Acupressure Pressure Points for Self Treatment

Acupressure is one of the most popular treatment therapies for Self Treatment. Acupressure technique has a few common pressure points that are very effective for Self Healing. Any person, who has a little knowledge about Acupressure, can easily apply Acupressure Points for Self Treatment. There is no need to be expert of Acupressure to apply some common pressure points. Acupressure is an ancient technique that is used as an alternative curing method.

Hand Acupressure Points:

Acupressure Points on Hand are very helpful for Self Treatment. There are a few common pressure points situated on Hand which should be stimulated regularly as Self Treatment. Applying pressure on Hand Acupressure Points for Self Treatment will help in reducing many pains and problems. Hand Acupressure Points includes the following common pressure points:

Hand Valley Point:

Acupressure Hand Valley Point is most popular Acupressure Point that can heal various problems in human body. The Hand Valley Point is situated in between your Thumb and Pointer Finger. The exact spot where you find the Hand Valley Point is an active place between the Thumb and Index Finger. Applying pressure on Hand Valley Point on a regular basis will help you to remove excess heat from body, reduce Stress, Headache, Migraine, Tooth ache, Shoulder tension, Neck pain, Constipation problem etc.

Base of Thumb Point:

Acupressure Base of Thumb Point is one of the most common points for Self Treatment. The Base of Thumb point is situated in base of your thumb above the wrist. Find the Base of Thumb Acupressure Point as displayed in below picture. Apply firm pressure on Base of Thumb Acupressure Point on a regular basis to get relief from Breathing problems, coughing etc.

Wrist Point 1:

Acupressure Wrist Point 1 is very useful to relieve stress. You can easily get rid of day to day stress in a few minutes by applying pressure on Wrist Point 1. Acupressure Wrist Point 1 is most commonly used Acupressure Point for Self Treatment by many people. Find the Wrist Point 1 on your wrist in line up with little finger. You can easily find the exact Wrist Point 1 as shown in below picture. Apply pressure on a regular basis to heal stress and improve your emotional state.

Inner Gate Point:

Acupressure Inner Gate Point is very helpful to relieve nausea. The Inner Gate Point is situated on your wrist. Find exact pressure point of Inner Gate Point at about three centimeters distance from wrist crease (bend). Find the Acupressure Inner Gate Point as displayed in picture below. Apply firm pressure on daily basis to get relief in indigestion problems, nausea, stomach pain and anxiety.

Large Intestine Point:

Acupressure Large Intestine Points is also a common pressure point helpful for Self Treatment. You have to find the Large Intestine Point by bending your one had from elbow and put it on your chest. Find the exact point by moving your thumb of another hand from elbow to inner side. Fond the Large Intestine Point as mentioned in picture below. Applying pressure on large intestine point will be beneficial for removing unnecessary moisture and surplus heat from body. Large Intestine Point also reduces waste of water from body.